The cost of your move depends on:  

  • how far and how long it will take the team to get from the pick up and drop off locations 
  • how many items you need wrapped, padded and boxed 
  • the time of the month you choose to move
  • how much stuff you need moved, the more items, the longer it will take
  • if everything you would like moved is boxed, organized and ready to go
  • the proximity of the pick up and drop off locations to the truck (how far the team has to walk to load/unload), and/or if there are flights of stairs or an elevator 
  • if there are a lot of large items and tight corners and hallways to navigate 

This is a generally accepted best practice in the industry and covers the costs we incur for us to get to and from your pick up location within Saskatoon. It is a flat rate so you don’t have to worry about traffic conditions or traffic. 

We have the expertise to move your heavy and special care items. We will make sure they arrive safe and sound and need minimal re-tuning. We may require a site visit prior to committing to your move to ensure the move can be done safely.

We can, but we do live in Canada so if the temperatures are too harsh for your sensitive plants, we suggest you talk to a specialist and let us know if there are suggestions or instructions we can try to accommodate. Also note that pots full of dirt are prone to cracking due to the vibrations from the truck on the road and therefore, we can not cover claims for pots full of dirt. 

We will not move pets, flammable and combustible items, valuables and personal items like medications, firearms, passports, and cheques. You should arrange to transport anything you deem ‘irreplaceable’ in your personal vehicles such as urns, computers and laptops with single copies of pictures. 

Yes! We are in good standing with Saskatchewan Worker’s Compensation and have general liability insurance and a liability policy that will cover your items at the industry-standard rate of $0.60 per pound per item.

We will disassemble and assemble beds, take off/out back on furniture legs and disassemble and assemble anything that isn’t too complicated, fragile or needs a manual. We should note that we will do our best to move and disassemble things that are made of particle board, but these items are not meant to be moved in one piece and are difficult to disassemble and aren’t covered by our liability coverage. 

  • Planning, preparation and organization is the best way to save money on your move. 
  • Get clearance for any parking permits and book or reserve the elevator in your building well in advance of your move. Also, clear any walk-ways of ice, snow or obstructions. 
  • If you can, disassemble any furniture ahead of time. 
  • Try to use uniform boxes and make sure your boxes and containers are closed and not overflowing or bulging. This makes it easier and faster to pack the truck. 
  • Have all loose items from drawers and cupboards packed into boxes. 
  • Label your boxes with the room you would like them placed in your drop-off location. 
  • If you can, move your boxes to your garage or a main area for quick and easy access. 
  • On move day, be available to give the move team instructions and direction.